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"Your School's Digital Footprint."|"The Future of School Management."|"More than just Academic Result Automation."|"Customizable Direct Payments Integration to Bank, Paypal..."|"360 degree School Administration."|"School Management meets Collaboration."|"Everybody is involved- Parents, Students, Teachers, Alumni."|"Learning, Administration, Monitoring made seamlessly smart."

SchoolsCollab At A Glance

Everything needed to run your school.

Fees and Bills Management

Generation. Payments. Analysis. Reports.

Students-Staffs-Parents Collaboration

Interact. Share. Inform.

Inventory Management

POs. GRNs. SRNs. Indents.


Need hard copy of school data? Everything is printable!

Assessment and Attendance

Input. Mark. Compute. Generate. Print.

Modularly Configurable Access Control

Configure. Grant. Revoke.

All­-in­-one School and College Administration Software

Automate everything. Collaborate with everybody. Generate comprehensive reports. Make Precise Decisions.

Screen 1 Screen 2
Screen 1 Screen 2

Make a difference in your pupils. Foster parents' Confidence. Boost your staff's morale. Engage your Alumni.

Friendly Interface

Aesthetically Built to befit a Standard School.
Designed with users' comfort and maneuverability in mind.

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Fast and Powerful.

Built with the most powerful framework. Hosted on swift barebone metal servers.
Speed unbeatable!

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Unlimited Concurrent Users.

Designed to handle limitless concurrent user access. Built to handle your school management without dragging on peak load.

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Support and Customization

Need extra features specifically for your school? We have got your back! Get access to all new features monthly!

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