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SchoolsCollab Features

What has SchoolsCollab got to offer?

Core Modules


  • Precise and Easy to Understand Infographics displayed on dashlets for all modules
  • Display only information you have permissions and priviledges to access.
  • Hovering mouse on infographics will display comprehensive details for each module
  • Displayed information are precise, nothing confusing
  • Displays school's calendar, classes duration (term start and end), school population, class population, et.c.

Access Control

  • Create and Edit Permission Groups
  • Manage Roles Permissions and Priviledges
  • Grant and Revoke Priviledges
  • Atomic Permissioning System. Grant or revoke permissions even to as little as a link or button on the user interface.
  • Manage Groups Permissions and Priviledges
  • Grant or Deny priviledges individually (Not considering groups or roles permissions)


  • Asynchronous Image/Passport Upload Facility
  • Crop and Resize Passport/Images before upload.
  • Enforce aspect ratios (16:9 or 4:3) , determine layout of passport (Portrait/Landscape)
  • Create and Edit Parent Employment and Health Information
  • Set Staffs' Reference and save other details
  • Employ Staffs en masse via inbuilt bulk upload facility

Human Data Details

  • Search Parent, Staff and Student details by multiple criteria: name, email, phone number etc
  • Print data using any printer of choice in either portrait or landscape layout.
  • Export dat by CSV, Excel or clipboard copy
  • Limit access of staffs with low priviledge so as to avoid unscrupulous data manipulation.
  • Details of Human Data linked to other modules of SchoolsCollab


  • Send messages, notice, heads-up and reminders to users with access to the system.
  • Send and Receive Messages.
  • Message Trails are recorded for every message sent and received.
  • Embed/Attach files and documents to sent messages.
  • Internal Messaging notification implemented
  • Effective Communication between Staffs to Parents, Students to parents, and vice versa. Simply a 360 degree messaging facility.
  • Fastest way to send messages to any user of the System.

Finance | Payments

  • Remit tuition by class and batch
  • All Financial Transactions made directly to your bank.
  • Remit miscellaneous fees
  • Manages payment across multiple channels: cash, teller, transfer,
  • Sequential transaction trails for revenue audit or confirmation
  • Auto generates receipts for all payments. Receipts generated can be printed or URL sent.
  • For every successful transaction, email notification is sent to user if email is available
  • Print Tuition and Miscellaneous fee details per class and batch
  • All confirmed payments trails are safely stored. Trail data stored include staff name, date of remittance et.c.
  • Parent and Student can have access to payment details if permission is granted.
  • Export payment history in CSV format or Print.
  • Export and Print Receipts and Invoices.
  • Parent can perform bulk payments once which can include tuition, miscellaneous and bills.
  • Bulk Receipts can be printed for all bulk payments made.
  • Semi automatic verification system when payment is done remotely by parents.
  • Communicate with parents for every remote payment done.


  • Asynchronous Image/Passport Upload Facility
  • Crop and Resize Passport/Images before upload.
  • Enforce aspect ratios (16:9 or 4:3) , determine layout of passport (Portrait/Landscape)
  • Create and Edit Student Admission and Health Information
  • Create and Store Parent Details and Link to Student.
  • Admit Student at any class.
  • Admit Students en masse via inbuilt bulk upload facility


  • Mark Student Attendance by class.
  • Mark attendance within range of Term/Session Duration
  • Print attendance sheet per class
  • Easy to use attendance interface
  • Mark only absent student, SchoolsCollab pre-marks all student as present
  • Navigate to any date range to mark student attendance.
  • Mark attendance for Classes and School Activities
  • Attendance Data synchronized with inbuilt report sheet generator.


  • Determine Term/Session Duration
  • Mark attendance within range of Term/Session Duration
  • Allow Saturday and Sunday Classes
  • Enforce or allow Installmental Payments
  • Set school calendar indicating events, holidays. Embed files or documents in school calendar which can be accessed on the day setted.
  • Advance or Recede Current Term and Session with one click.
  • Embed Link or URL to be visited on school calendar
  • Set classes and batches with appropraite promotional levels
  • Activate and Deactivate Classes or Batches.
  • Manage Courses per batch


  • Create or Edit Parent Details
  • Link Parent to Ward/Pupil data
  • Allow Saturday and Sunday Classes
  • Grant or Revoke Parent Access
  • Bulk Upload Parent Details
  • Image Cropping and Upload Facility for Parents

Manage User Access

  • All stakeholders in a school can use SchoolsCollab (Parent, Staff, Student)
  • Grant User with or without email address access
  • Specify temporary password login
  • Ban users
  • Activate or Deactivate Users
  • Enforce password change via email.
  • Set standards for priviledges/permission based on responsibility.


  • Input assessment details individually or en masse via CSV file upload
  • Set assessment parameters and setting per class and batch
  • View and Print assessment at anytime
  • Manage students cognitive skills and character grading
  • Set computation formula per term and session
  • Perform assessment settings once, clone and edit for next terms or sessions
  • Compute termly and sessional assessment details
  • Generate Termly Report sheets
  • Generate all-in-one terms report sheet across multiple terms and sessions
  • Demote and Promote students. (Double promotion is possible)
  • Students and Parents can have access to assessment details and report sheets if priviledges are granted by school's super administrator
  • Embed attendance, character grading and cognitive skills scores in report sheets
  • Parent can access academic results for all his/her wards at the same time. Include attendance details.
  • Determine how result content show look like subject-wise
  • For every assessment activity, parents and students are informed so they can go to the system to check and print.

Pro Modules


  • Manage School Inventory Items meant for sale (e.g textbooks, uniforms et.c) or just for school use (markers, chalks et.c)
  • Process payments of inventory purchases to bank directly
  • Manage suppliers of services and items for the school
  • Categorise and sort school items effectively
  • Create Purchase Orders for Items restock and Service to be rendered
  • Approve or decline purchase order requests depending on school's decision
  • Control school's cashflow with respect to items and services
  • Access to the inventory module can be granted to any staff depending on responsibility
  • Manage bills for students, parents or staffs
  • Create Received Notes (Goods received note GRNs and Service received note SRNs) for delivered purchase order requests
  • Part payment to suppliers of items or services can be acheived. Pay only what the supplier has delivered.
  • Create indents. Let your staffs request for items needed to run your school via SchoolsCollab and not just word of mouth request.
  • Approve and Decline Indents
  • Get invoice and receipts for every item or service requested or delivered. Invoice or receipt could be printed or link sent to other staffs for processing.
  • Print Purchase Orders, Indents, service received notes, goods received notes and all extracted inventory details.
  • Extract detailed bill reports for items for each profile (staff, student or parent)

User Profiling and Settings

  • Users can manage their profiles.
  • Link SchoolsCollab Account to social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  • Quickly access access social media directly from your SchoolsCollab interface.
  • Manage your personal preferences (Onlive Avatar visibility, preferred loader etc.
  • Be reminded of memorable dates (Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries etc) via email or sms

Enterprise Modules

Email Integration

  • Manage high profile communications via customised emails.
  • Create unlimited customized email templates
  • Use and redesign ready-to-use default email templates
  • Attach files and documents to email
  • Realtime delivery report for sent emails.
  • Send email to Parents, Students, Staff and other external recipients.

Enterprise Plus Modules

Files On Cloud

  • Manage all Schools Files, Folders and Documents online.
  • Use School Files across all modules.
  • Perform all file folder activities just like a desktop environment. Cut, Paste, Copy, Delete files and folders.
  • Download Files, Documents or Folders
  • Create Unlimited number of Files, Folders and Folders
  • Document Preview of files like PDFs, Images, Videos, Text, Powerpoint et.c.
  • Access excel, word and powerpoint documents saved on SchoolsCollab with Google Doc facility.