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SchoolsCollab 33 Reasons

Why should you choose SchoolsCollab?

Web Based Accessible from anywhere

SchoolsCollab is an internet-based College/School Management cum Collaboration System. That implies that you use it on your preferred browser hence nothing is to be installed on your computer.

Awesome User Experience Easy-to-use well designed interface

SchoolsCollab was designed to do just what you need to do quickly without unneccessay features which aid excellent user experience. Online help avatars are available on every feature to deliver splendid experience.

Student Data Analysis Analyse student data spanning sessions.

SchoolsCollab is an continuously integrated system which securely stores your students data across multiple sessions, hence past history of your students' information can be used to analyse their performances across all modules.

Data Privacy Your school's data safely accessible.

Data transfer and storage on the SchoolsCollab system occurs via fully encrypted and secure channels. Hence we can assure our clients that their private school information is not available for public use.

Flexible Pricing Subscriptions available to fit your budget.

SchoolsCollab provides an affordable cost-of-subscription to features-available ratio and good return on investment on every feature. Subscription plans could be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at anytime.

Multiple School Payment Channels Payments via your Bank's integration, Transfers, Tellers, Cash etc

Having multiple payment options facilitates the easy payment of tuition & bills and reduce debts. Implemented in SchoolsCollab is a semi-automatic payments vetting system to verify payments and communicate with payers.

Customizable Modules Define your data models and workflows

Workflows of all features available on SchoolsCollab is up to per for a standard school. Notwithstanding, for specific features, workflows or tweaks, SchoolsCollab can be customized and hosted on the cloud just for you.

24/7 Support Multi Channel professional support

SchoolsCollab team are always on standby to give professional supports and advice on usage, customization and training. Support channels span emails, phone calls, social media chat and onsite & on-demand trainings.

Everybody is involved Teachers, Students, Parents and Admins

SchoolsCollab functions transcends just school administration, it is a collaboration tool hence Parents, Teachers, Students and School Administrators can access school data with respect to permissions and privileges granted.

New Innovative FeaturesEvery month new features are deployed

In a bid to amaze our clients, new modules are being released. With an effective versioning system, our team stun all users with top notch modules in order to enhance the efficiency of school management and collaboration.

Files and Folders IntegrationUse your school files across all modules

We understand that files and documents constitute a major part of school information therefore the ability to use files and documents (videos, images, pdf, word, excelsheets, zip etc) across all modules has been implement.

Hosting ChoicesHost the system your self or we host for you.

Our clients can decide to host the software themselves we just provide server specification for best performance. Notwithstanding we host for customers who don't want to handle the overhead of backup, maintenance and recovery.

Accessible on All DevicesUsable on Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets.

School Administration and Collaboration should not be limited to only computer screens. SchoolsCollab user interface is responsive making it usable on all mobile devices hence making school management possible on-the-go.

Flexible User Access GrantAccess to users who do not have emails.

We understand that some parent or staff may not have email addresses therefore SchoolsCollab implemented a mechanism to still grant users without emails access to use the system.

Well Defined RoadmapConstant Innovation and Improvements.

Over ten power-packed modules are available for instant use and many more are still in the pipeline. We intend to cover all areas of school management hence every month, we release improvements, new features and modules.

Secure and Flexible Access ControlGrant Permissions and Priviledges.

Super Admin can grant, revoke and ban users from using SchoolsCollab. Access Grant/Revoke can be done on a group level or role level. Access to all features in each module can be controlled even to the minutest level of a button.

Messaging System360 degree Commununications

Inbuilt in SchoolsCollab is an internal messaging system. Send information, notices and head-ups to parents, staffs or students. Send files and documents with any message. Reply any message. Can be used by students/parents.

Flexible Assessment Grading.Set your assessment formula and remarks

SchoolsCollab was built to be a world class software hence the need to implement a assessment grading system that can adapt with any grading system. Simply set the formula and SchoolsCollab will handle the calculation.

Informative DashboardsGrasp comprehensive reports at a glance.

Every module comes with a summary dashboard feature. Get accurate information from intuitive dashboards. Parents, Students, Staffs and Admin can make precise decisions from data and flags indicated on individual dashboards.

Bulk Data ImportMove data en masse at a go.

We understand that input school record one after the other could be cumbersome therefore SchoolsCollab comes with features to import data in large size via CSV files. Student, Parent and Staff records can be inputted enmasse, academic score can also be inputted at once.

Parent MonitoringStudents/Wards monitoring system.

SchoolsCollab implement ward monitoring features for parents or guardians. With this students performance, attendance, paid bills and tuition can be monitored real time. Parents get informed on changes to monitored details via email.

Inventory ManagementManage your school's Inventory effectively.

Every school item (for sale or not) should be managed effectively hence the need to implement the inventory module. Create POs, generate GRNs and SRNs, Create item bills, Approve or decline POs and Indents.

Files on CloudManage your school's files and documents.

SchoolsCollab has the ability to make all schools files and documents to be securely accessible from anywhere. Upload documents, Download folders, Cut/Copy/Paste, Rename files/folders and other files/folders activities.

E-receipting and E-invoicingReceipts and Invoice for payments and bills

For every successfully completed transaction, SchoolsCollab auto-generates receipts and Invoices for later reference. Receipts and Invoices can be printed or the link sent to stakeholders referenced in the invoices.

School Data ExportRetrieve School Data in various formats

All modules implemented in SchoolsCollab has the ability to export previously stored school data in various format. Formats supported include CSV file, Excel, PDFs, and Prints. Visible Data can be copied to clipboard for use.

Communication ModuleSend customised emails and sms alerts

Send emails using templates customised for your school. Build your own email templates or redesign default templates using your school details. Send sms to parents, staffs, students and externals. Send emails with attachments.

Website IntegrationIntegrate SchoolsCollab to your website

SchoolsCollab can be embedded into your existing schools website for easy access for parents, students and staffs. With this feature, customised SchoolsCollab link would not need to be memorised.

Flexible Cognitive AssessmentEvaluate Practical and Cognitive Skills

Apart from academic grading, SchoolsCollab implements flexible character and cognitive skills grading. Set what is to be graded, grading remarks and map students to grade as deem fit which would be included in report sheets.

Academic ReportingBuild Term and Session Academic Reports.

Generate, email and Print academic reports spanning multiple sessions and terms. Include class attendance, cognitive skills grade, and other information to build comprehensive academic reports.

Powerful Hosting InfrastructurePerformance unflinching under peak load

SchoolsCollab was built to last. Infrastructure architecture on which SchoolsCollab sit mimics the workhorse model. Under peak load, SchoolsCollab is still up and running. Several load and stress tests confirms it strength.

Customized PrintingAuto generate letter-headed printables

Apart from the export feature built in the software, our clients can print well formatted tabularized data with school-information letter-headed format. Print layout is flexible (Portrait or Landscape) and can be done with any printer.

Human Resource ModuleStaffs Employment, Exit and all in between.

Manage staffs data from employment to exit. Generate and Print Payslips, Determine your staff salary structure, and import staff data en masse. Manage staff permissions and priviledges on SchoolsCollab

Letters Templating Admission and Appointment Letters

There are some letters whose purpose are specific. Admission and Appointment Letters can be formed as a template which can be printed anytime. Copy and paste your msword letters in this feature and formatting would be handled.