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SchoolsCollab Peculiarity

What makes SchoolsCollab unique?

            The benefit of an awesome school administration system cannot be overemphasized. To consolidate the essence of an educational ERP System in a school or college, continuous support and constant innovation cannot be overlooked because they are essential components of software packaging. With every delivery of the SchoolsCollab platform to our clients, we provide 24/7 support and customization requests. With SchoolsCollab, key issues in implementing a school management information system which has been mitigated are:

No. 1: Poor Planning.

No. 2: Limited usage of key features.

No. 3: Change management challenges.

No. 4: Lack of maintenance strategy.

#1: Proper Planning.

Lack of up-front planning in the design and implementation of a school information management system often lead to confusion down the road. Full understanding of the current development processes and how it can be evolved to maximise school management procedures would be almost impossible without proper planning.

To mitigate such challenge, continuous audit of all processes involved in the efficient management of a standard school facilitated the development of configurable building blocks for SchoolsCollab. All stakeholders to use the SchoolsCollab software (Teachers, Parents, School Administrators and Students) were considered with respect to their individual viewpoint of an efficient school management information system. SchoolsCollab is highly modular, configurable and inter-dependent therefore extension of SchoolsCollab features would be seamless on customization requests from our clients.

#2: Implementation of configurable and useful features.

Due to the difficulty experienced in the use of most ERP solutions and lack of configurablity, most schools don't use them. SchoolsCollab was built to be easy to use with only useful modules. All features implemented in SchoolsCollab will aid in the automation of School Processes, faster completion of educational tasks and meet objectives of running a school. With the features implemented in SchoolsCollab, upgrades, maintenance and enhancements will cost our clients nothing due to modularization techniques used.

All functions available in the SchoolsCollab software are useful because only important tasks in the administration of a college/schools has been captured hence you can be rest assured that there will be no churning in the use of the software.

#3: Effective Usage made simple.

Despite the efficiency accompanying the automation of school processes, certain resistance to change is bound to happen even after training and support. With SchoolsCollab, accompanying the 24/7 support promise and customization requests, assistive robots were implemented within every feature on the step by step usage of the software, with just a click, the assistive agents could be triggered . With this, the usage learning curve of the software would be sharper (know how to use all features in a short time). Hence time taken for students, parents, teachers and administrators to get comfortable and proficient with SchoolsCollab software will be little.

#4: Innovative maintenance strategy with Quality Assurance.

To ensure our clients take full advantage of their investment in the software, quality assured maintenance strategy has been put in place. SchoolsCollab would not just be maintained but it would be improved to ensure that technology advancements does not make it obsolete. For every innovative function we make available for our clients, we ensure automated quality assurance techniques are implemented to avoid usage distruption. With SchoolsCollab you can be rest assured that for every innovation, the status quo of running a standard school would not be sacrificed, instead, for every core update or improvement, our clients would experience better return on investments.

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